The Label

The story behind the Wolf & Woman labels

A few years ago, Jolandie’s husband sent her a quote that he said reminded him of her. It read: “Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.” A while later she was at the airport and while waiting to board, she went into a book shop and saw the book Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. She immediately thought about that quote that Gustav had sent her and bought the book. After reading it she felt inspired, empowered and able to dream bigger and wilder than ever before. The book opened her eyes to the fact that the ‘wild woman’ is naturally creative, passionate and instinctive. These are characteristics she believes are crucial when you make and live wine.

Making wine, much like creating visual art, is an emotional journey. In the same way that a unique cultural background and a singular series of personal experiences shape the work of an artist, it also has an impact on the wines an oenologist produces. By crafting a wine that tells their personal story, a winemaker invites you to take a glimpse at the world in the way they see, smell, and taste it themselves – filling a bottle with complex nuances and energies that provide a sensory snapshot of how they encounter this great, wild world.


We strive to create honest and sincere wines that tell the stories of their seasons and unveil their unique personalities in unexpected ways






Always Present Chenin blanc

Glen Frank

“Some days I am more wolf than woman
and I am still learning how to
stop apologizing for my wild.”

– Nikita Gill

Meet The Winemaker

Jolandie Fouché

Born in Cape Town as part of a set of twins, Jolandie Fouche was raised in the Swartland, where she spent the larger part of her childhood roaming the farm and falling in love with the vineyards.

After matriculating, she studied towards a B. Agric degree at Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute, followed by fascinating harvest seasons in Australia and California, respectively.

After more than a decade of earning her stripes in the South African industry, Jolandie decided to turn her attention to her passion project, Wolf & Woman Wines, fulltime. These days, she lives back home in the Swartland with her husband Gustav, Kiddos Helen and Zander, and the family’s two Labrador retrievers, Cinsault and Simba.

When she is not in the cellar or vineyards you can find her somewhere outdoors exploring nature and going on all sorts of adventures with her family. She also loves sharing good food (and wine!) with friends.


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